Your Pokémon Account Has Been Hacked

Last night I received the following email.

2016-11-23 20_52_03-Inbox –

Having not been to the Pokémon site in many months, since about the time Pokémon Go came out, I found this odd. I promptly emailed the recommended address with a call for help as advised. Continue reading “Your Pokémon Account Has Been Hacked”


How To Get Mario or Luigi Palico Costumes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS

Pelico in Mario Outfit

I ran across this while watching a live stream on Twitch and as I came to find out that it takes a fair bit of Googling just to find the instructions(this has improved apparently). I then posted this screen shot to Miiverse only to find out that even people on Nintendo’s own Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate community aren’t really even aware of it. I figured I should try to help float this information to the top. Continue reading “How To Get Mario or Luigi Palico Costumes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS”

I don’t give much credit to Nintendo for a lot of things outside of making entertaining games. Frankly they’re terrible about keeping up with the modern state of gaming, by in large, and they’re especially bad at dealing with networking and the Internet. So it seems weird that I’m about to write about Nintendo doing something, arguably, right on just such a subject.

Many a games journalism website has seen fit to highlight the New 3DS’s microSD card slot and the fact that it’s kind of oddly locked away under a bottom cover that requires a tool to get in to. Knowing only this as I’m sure many people will might lead one to believe that this is just Nintendo up to their old tricks. And at first glance you’d be right. If you have a need to physically swap sd cards then perhaps you’re out of luck.3DS SD Card Share

Fortunately if you’re just looking to make a backup Nintendo got smart and tucked away a little trick that makes that microSD card accessible through a network share on your home network.

Under “Data Management” you will find an option for “microSD Management”. This wizard will walk you through creating a network name for your 3DS and a username and password and then connect you to your homes wifi network so you can access the storage on the card.

On your windows PC open a file explorer window and in the quick access icons in the left window pane scroll down to network and click the icon. You should see the name of your 3DS listed. Click on that to access it. If for some reason you don’t see your 3DS listed click on any blank space in the address bar on the file explorer window and type \\MY3DSNAME where MY3DSNAME is the name you picked for your 3DS. This should find and open your 3DS files for you.

Enjoy this tiny slice of Nintendo finally getting with the new(I use the word loosely) networked world. There isn’t much of it to be had.

The Gaming Appendix – Episode 1

This week marks a potentially historic day for the internet. Today I’m releasing the very first episode of “The Gaming Appendix” podcast who’s aim it is to talk about games past and what they turned out to be post patches, DLC and general reception. The first episode is actually covering more recent games Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 along with board games Settlers of Catan and Small World. Hit up the page for now to subscribe to the podcast. I plan to do it bi-monthly currently and will post when I work out the exact schedule.

The Gaming Appendix LibSyn Website

In case you want to give it a listen before subscribing here is a direct link to the mp3.

Listen Now!

Thoughts On Wii U, Freebies For Nintendo

wii u controller is priceyAfter putting it off, taking some time to think about it I’m finally ready to say something about the WiiU. Nintendo, you’re doing it wrong.

$300 & $350 is way way way to much money to charge for a console that doesn’t do anything particularly more or better than the current generation of consoles. It doesn’t even have storage on par with current gen consoles. You’re entire reason for charging that much is for the giant controller screen thing. I mean it’s doing HD at a time where the next gen of consoles are prepping to handle 4K. A PS3 160GB is $250 and a subsidized Xbox 360 is $150 up front.

Not to be one to knock something with out providing solutions here it is. First swap that solid state for a hard drive. This will bring the price point down and the storage up. Consoles sit on entertainment centers, they don’t travel. Second offer a couple packages. Since the console is backwards compatible with most Wii games some people are just going to want to play those in HD. Some people don’t want the gimmicky screen controller. Give those people the console upgrade with out the fluff. A $150-$175 package minus the gimmick. And then to ensure your console sells eat enough price while selling software for profit that people will actually buy it. Bring the price plus gimmick down to $200 or $250. People don’t like to pay more than $250 for consoles/gadgets. Finally give us some value add. With the WiiU specific games coming in light at launch offer customers some value add like a couple of Wii games in the box.

I’m not saying my plan is perfect because I’m just a consumer and I don’t have the details. What I do have is the perspective of a gamer who is decidedly hard core. One who didn’t pay $300 for his current console that has supported HD and has had 5ish times the amount of storage for the past 6+ years.

Hot New Xbox 360, Just a Year Too Late

I don’t mean to be negative but it’s really hard to stay positive about what Microsoft has been doing with Xbox 360 lately. It looks like one step forward and three steps back. Guess what, the original Xbox was black. The Playstation 3 is black. Why Microsoft thought a white console was a good idea when almost every TV and stereo component in THE WORLD is black is beyond me. Black is the new black.

Built in Wifi!!!! Oh wait, everything for the past three years has wifi built in. My phone, my portable game devices, and my laptop. Nintendo managed to put it in their console that was $100 cheaper and in their hand held device that was $160 cheaper. Oh wait, the free phone I got from IWireless(Iowa’s t-mobile affiliate) has built in wifi. There is no good reason that the Xbox 360 up till now hasn’t had built in wifi. This is really just unacceptable PERIOD!

It’s smaller! Once again, WTF!? Why the Xbox 360 was so huge is beyond me. I’ve opened the original machine and there is a ton of open empty space in the case. So much so that there is ducting in the case to ensure good air flow due to all that empty space. If MS has taken a little more time to think out their system layout they could have released the original as a much smaller package to begin with.

The final, actually positive, piece is Kinect and the leap forward it represents for motion gaming. No controller, the thing can determine depth and track on things as small as fingers. Seems to be pretty spectacular all around but it still remains to be seen if this is going to be put to truly good use or if we’re going to get the same flood of gimmicky games on the Xbox as the Wii has received.

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