Custom Playstation DualShock 4 Thumb Sticks

I stumbled across this video the other day and thought this was a neat idea.

In the face of the first gen plastic peeling and tearing issues finding an alternative stick seemed like a great idea. Plus different colors would look cool. So I decided to go out and give this a shot myself. Below you’ll find instructions and photos to help you do this yourself as this video leaves out a little bit of information. Continue reading “Custom Playstation DualShock 4 Thumb Sticks”


Mobile HD Video Recording & Streaming Rig

As streaming and live IP broadcasts gain popularity there’s an increasing desire to make a better and better quality broadcast. Unfortunately most of the time that means you have to invest in bigger better more expensive equipment.  You’ll see professional broadcasters like and many of the events captured on being recorded and broadcast with large multi-thousand dollar rigs just to get a good quality broadcast. Well, what if you could shoot 720P, stream it, and record at the same time plus a plethora of connectivity options? What if you could do that with equipment less than $1000 and that you might actually all ready own? I’m about to tell you how to do it.

Things you’ll need:

  • A laptop or netbook
  • An Android phone or Sony PSP
  • An HD webcam
  • If you’re using a PSP – PSP diag battery
  • If you’re using a PSP – PSP custom firmware
  • If you’re using an Android device – Android Sideshow software
  • A backpack or laptop bag.

You can use any number of devices to get this working so I’m not going to go in to details. This is the gist, you need storage, view finder and lens. You see where this is going? The laptop functions as storage and communication, the PSP or Android device as the view finder and the webcam as the lens. Microsoft Windows Sideshow allows you to use the sideshow device(psp or android) as a second monitor. Connect the PSP or Android device to the laptop via either wireless or USB. Set Windows on the laptop to sleep the monitor but not the rest of the laptop. Open the monitor application for your camera and then put the monitor video on the sideshow device. Connect your connectivity of choice, wifi, 3g or what ever. Run your streaming management app and connect to your live stream. Now close the laptop and throw it in a backpack or laptop bag. Be sure to leave the bag cracked to ensure heat can escape. Now strap the camera to the back of your PSP or Android device and shoot till your hearts content, your drive gets full or your devices run out of juice.

An additional and interesting thing is that a producer or buddy or whom ever can then use remote management software to manage whats going on on the laptop in the bag if it’s wirelessly connected. In addition if your laptop or netbook can handle it you can also record and stream at the same time. Having processing power closer to the subject matter opens up plenty of interesting possibilities.

If you find this article and idea useful please do share your live stream URL or link to your awesome HD youtube links so we can all check out the outcome!

The Full Tutorial: How To Upgrade The PS3’s Hard Drive

When I bought my Playstation 3 one of the most enticing things about the system was the ability to upgrade the hard drive with a standard laptop drive.  Having previously maxed out the hard drive on my Xbox and my refusal to pay though the nose Microsoft’s exorbitant prices, for commodity hardware wrapped in plastic, this is a key feature.  While I did pay up front to get a 120GB version which has lasted me the better part of a year I was with in 20GB or so of maxing it out.  Thanks due, in no small part, to the Playstation Plus program that keeps pumping my drive full of new games.  If I weren’t able to offload my video on to my home server I’d have been making this upgrade far sooner. Despite the ease with which you can swap the hardware the software end wasn’t quite as straight forward which is why I decided to write this. So lets get down to business.

  1. Backup your data! Use a second usb drive to make a backup through the backup utility. Move important saves to the cloud saves storage. If you lose your data it’s your own fault!
  2. Remove the old drive and install the new one. Unfortunately the person who made the video disabled embedding. Who knows why but the link to the video is
  3. Don’t power on your Playstation 3 yet! If you do you’ll get a message saying “The system software cannot be run correctly”. Don’t panic.
  4. Format a usb flash drive with a FAT32 file system.
  5. On the usb flash drive create a folder called PS3 and inside the PS3 folder create a folder called UPDATE.
  6. Download the latest version of PS3 firmware from here
  7. What you will download is a file called PS3UPDAT.PUP. Put this file in the UPDATE folder on the usb flash drive.
  8. Take your usb flash drive from your PC and plug it in to your PS3.
  9. Connect a controller by cable.
  10. At the first screen warning press the PS button on the controller. You will now get another warning.
  11. Press and hold the ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons at the same time briefly and you should launch in to the formatting and re-install process.
  12. Follow the prompts.
Once you’ve done all this you can then set about restoring your data, re-authorizing your accounts etc. One of the things a lot of us hope for is a performance increase in game load times and there is evidence that you can gain some of that via an SSD.  Toms Hardware has some information here,11811.html  One of the thoughts was if a 7200 rpm drive would make a difference. While I’m sure it would I’d be concerned for heat issues with a drive that fast in such a small space. I think an SSD is the ideal situation at this point.

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