Fix The Nexus 7 Warping Creaking Problem

Just fixed my creaky, warping, Nexus 7. Now it appears better than new. Here’s what I did.

First off let me say I am not responsible if you try this and something goes horribly wrong. Practice safe sex, don’t do drugs, stay in school, and keep your table trays in the upright and locked positions, make peace and not war and what ever else I gotta say to stay off the hook when you break your device. Now, on to the fun stuff.

Got a flat hard clean surface. I got the smallest flat head screw driver I could find. Gently wedged it between the plastic edge and the rubber backing at the bottom next to the usb port. This caused the back to pop open. Then I used the most gentle tool I had(in this case a collar stay) and gently wedged around the edge of the device till I could use my hands to get it the rest of the way open.

Now that you have it open lay the device screen down on the flat hard surface. Some folks said they used a hard cover book. I used an art paper pad turned face down on the coffee table. Carefully loosen all the screws around the outside edge of the device. There are a few screws at the bottom of the device in a black cover and a few others that look like they are holding small devices in place. You can leave those alone. Now, starting from the left side of the device tighten all of the screws going clockwise around the device. Once you get around go around a second time just to make sure they are good and snug. Be careful as over tightening may strip screws or possibly damage your screen.

That’s all there is to it. Place the back on the device and starting at one corner start to snap it back on. It doesn’t take much pressure to get it to snap back on so if you encounter resistance gently remove the back and try again from a different corner.

After doing this repaired I noticed that my screen is more flush to the plastic edges and the left side of my device feels solid and doesn’t creak. I noticed it most when the heat from the proc, ram or video processor would heat the left side of the device and cause warping. I played approx 15mins of Shadowgun, watched some videos and have been browsing and so far the problem has not returned!

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13 thoughts on “Fix The Nexus 7 Warping Creaking Problem

  1. Ok, I tried this because it was the first convincing and different method I’ve found. And you’re right, it now feels equally solid on both edges. Let’s see how it works and spread the word if this is the real fix.

    Greetings from Tijuana.

    1. I should probably update my post but some folks have reported needing to re-tighten the acres after a day or two. I’m starting to notice it come back so I’ll probably snug those down one more time for good measure. I hope it proves to be a true fix for you!

    1. Just cracked it again and re-tightened the screws. The one on the left side moved a slight bit when I tightened it. It feels solid again. I’ll continue to monitor and report back.

      1. Well, either way the issues’s still there. Have Google or Asus said anything about these problems? The users to tried to fix it by themselves like this had screwed the warranty up? I mean , I’ve tried to contact them several times without any answer yet. I’m not sure if I should try to return it or what. What are our options?

      2. As you noticed there was no warranty tape so I don’t think they would know that you opened it. Did you buy from the play store or from some other retailer? I have not seen or heard Google or Asus make any comment on hardware issues. Like I said I re tightened again and so far so good. Some folks on XDA forums said they had to re-tighten twice.

  2. Bought it through Google Store. And ahm… I think they’ll notice I opened ’cause when it touched that copper plate next to the left edge, I couldn’t remove my fingerprints for some reason, no matter how much I tried to wipe ’em with a piece of fabric.

    Oh, well. Since I live in Tijuana, it’ll be a little more complicated for me to try to return it. Let’s see how things end up. I’m even thinking to give this Nexus 7 to my girl or sell it and just buy me another one from the second production lot hoping they corrected all the flaws.

    1. Here’s the deal. I just got off the phone with the play store support rep. They will replace your tablet no questions asked if you tell them you have the “screen warping and creaking problem”. You also don’t need to sweat them knowing your device was opened because they send you the new one before you send the old one back. Now that’s customer service!

      1. Hell, those are good news! Do I have a time limit to contact them? I mean, I gotta do some extra work since I actually live in Tj. My sister lives in SD, so I asked them to send it to her house. I’ll probably have to asked her to call them. Do you have the number, by any chance? Thanks a lot for the tip, man.

  3. Duh. I’ll have to call tomorrow. Do they still have 16GB models in stock? I read they were sold out and they weren’t taking any new orders of that model.

    1. I didn’t ask and they didn’t say. It sounds like since it’s them sending you a device before you send yours back that even if they are out of stock that you can keep using your current device till the replacement showed up. In fact the agent asked if, other than the screen issue, there were any other issues with the device. I told him no and he told me to keep using the device as normal till the replacement shows up. To be honest other than being slightly awkward to hear that slight creak or feel the sponginess it really doesn’t hurt usage of the device so waiting till they get you your replacement shouldn’t be much of an issue. Some people on forums threads reported getting tracking numbers with in a few days. Others said they got e-mails with the pre-paid label for sending it back with in a few days but still don’t have a tracking number. I wouldn’t sweat it. Your device still works and Google has enough cash to make things happen.

  4. Well, it seems like they’re aware of the situation and they’re willing to handle it in a very friendly way. Oh, in my case, I’m having a screen flickering so I’ll make sure to report that as well. What a shame about this whole thing, I was so excited about this tablet and I loved it from the first 5 minutes I started using it. But I think I should’ve seen this coming, I mean, Asus only had 4 months to cook the product and it’s natural that many units are still raw.

    Again, thanks a lot for your tips, I’m sure this’ll fix the issue for good.

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