Pocket Legends: The World’s Largest Mobile MMO!

As you may have noticed I’m a gamer. That doesn’t stop when I step away from the PC or the PS3. That being said I wanted to share one of my favorite mobile games. It’s one of my favorites because it very nicely brings together mobile and inter-connected online multiplayer in a way that is friendly and engaging. It’s been deemed “World of Warcraft in your pocket”. I don’t think thats a good explanation. It is certainly an MMORPG and it does have a good amount of depth but its not as pretentious or serious and it differs greatly to make it fit it’s platform. Heart shaped shields for Valentines day, antler headgear for Christmas are common place. Characters are simply cute animals turned two legged, wearing armor and carrying weapons. No orcs(yet), no griffins(yet) just a fun, bright, approachable forest/city environment.
The game also owns it’s platform. They make it very easy to jump from place to place to do things like turn in quests, you are auto grouped with other players in the same dungeon as you and an auto-attack button are all present to make it easier to manage the interface on touch devices. It all comes together for a charming, engaging mobile gaming experience any where you get signal. It’s free to play and you can certainly get a ways with out paying but you’ll have to pony up a few bucks to unlock higher level dungeons and to pick up certain items. Once you get in to the game you see it’s value and have no problem paying a little scratch to enrich the experience further. Lets be honest. Drop $20 on the game and you’ll be good for far more time than $20 thrown at it’s desktop counter part will get you which makes this a great value.
The only down side is that the interface does get a little cramped on my Droid’s 3.7″ display but on my 7″ rooted Nook Color it’s absolutely brilliant! Please give the game a try!

Pocket Legends: The World’s Largest Mobile MMO!


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