Sony Poised To Take Mobile Gaming By Storm

Just wanted a quick note about this. The PSP NGP from Sony is a hot little item coming out apparently soon. Most of the time another version of the PSP wouldn’t be noteable but there are some very interesting things about it that came to light. It’s less about the PSP NGP it’s self and more about Sony’s strategy. If they really leverage what they have, I’m not holding my breath, they could come out of no where to dominate the mobile gaming market. Here’s why.

The PSP NGP is being designed on a quad core Arm 9 processor. The same type(not necessarily number of cores) of processor that is in every smart phone out there. This is important because it means with little to no modification all the games and software Sony creates from this point on can potentially run on that device in your pocket or on your desk right now. They’ve all ready demoed the PSN client/store running on the Android powered Sony Ericsson phone so it’s a short leap to installing it on your Motorola or Samsung.

The second thing of note is the touch screen and 3G capabilities being offered on the PSP NGP. Sound like other devices all ready in your pocket? While I’m sure many bigger titles that are first gen on the PSP NGP are not going to provide much in the way of touch screen support. In the not to distant future I think we are going to see top tier Playstation titles coming to smart phones every where. It’s Sony’s chance to take the mobile gaming market by storm.

Some more video of whats to come after the jump.


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