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5 min Easy Bread

WP_20160327_15_26_33_Pro_LI (3)Utensils
Large Bowl with a lid. I use a big glass 4qt bowl that came with a lid.
Liquid measure cup.
Dry Measuring cup. 1 cup, .5 cup and 1tbsp
Spoon, spatula or bread whisk. Whatever bread dough won’t stick to.
1.5 Cups Lukewarm Water
1 Tbsp Yeast
.5 Tbsp Salt
3.25 Cups flower

If you are doing a 50/50 bread do half white, half of whatever other flour you like.
1.75 All Purpose unbleached white
1.75 Other


Mix Lukewarm Water(this is important just warmer than you can actually tell) and the full measure of Yeast.
Let stand for 2 minutes so the yeast can activate.

Add the rest of the dry ingredients.

Mix for approx 2-3 mins until ingredients are just integrated with no lumps or dry material left.

There’s your 5 minutes the first day.

Cover the bowls or container but leave a bit of a crack in the cover.
Let rise at least 2 hours.

Putting it in the fridge is so fast it doesn’t count.

Refrigerate with the lid still slightly cracked open.
Regrigeration time can vary from 12hrs to 3 weeks.
The longer you refrigerate it the stronger the sourdough like taste will be.

When you’re ready to take it out and cook it.

Use butter or oil to coat the loaf pan.
Put some flour on your hands so the dough won’t stick.
Take the dough out of the bowl and pull the edges under it so it forms a smooth oval to fit in your rectangle loaf pan.
Put it in the pan!

Let the dough rise in the pan for at least 2 hours. If it looks like it’s rising well sometimes I’ll let it rise 3 hours.

Set a timer for the rise time, we’ll say 2hrs for example minus 30 minutes. So 1.5hrs instead of 2.

The reason you’re cutting off half an hour is because you need to pre-heat your oven for 30 minutes.

When your timer goes off put a broiler tray in the bottom rack of the oven turn the oven to 400F.
Reset the timer for 30 minutes.

When the timer goes off that will signal the end of pre-heat and rise.

Fill a mug with the hotest water your tap will make.
Put the loaf pan in the oven.
Using an oven mit quickly but carefully pour the water in to the broiler tray and quickly shut the oven.

Bake for 40 minutes. Your oven may vary.

It’s an interesting thing to note but there’s a distinct bread cooking smell that you’ll notice. That smell starts to go away and then change in to a sort of over cooked smell. Once you bake the bread a few times you’ll start to notice and recognize the smell. You can adjust your bake time once you get a nose for this.

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm On Linux Via Wine

These instructions should allow you to install Blizzard Updater and Heroes of the Storm on Linux using Wine. From what I understand these instructions will allow some of the other Blizzard games to be run on Linux as well.

First install wine 1.7.

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Custom Playstation DualShock 4 Thumb Sticks

I stumbled across this video the other day and thought this was a neat idea.

In the face of the first gen plastic peeling and tearing issues finding an alternative stick seemed like a great idea. Plus different colors would look cool. So I decided to go out and give this a shot myself. Below you’ll find instructions and photos to help you do this yourself as this video leaves out a little bit of information. Read the rest of this page »

I Sur-Vive-ed VR

htc_vive_demoLet me cut to the chase. VR is real and it’s amazing. If you’re one of those people who can’t see it, or who despite the fixes in place still get sick from it, I’m so sorry but you’re missing out. I honestly hope if you’re in that small subset of people that the geniuses who make these things figure out how to fix it for you.

I first had my eyes opened to VR way back at some age I can’t even specifically remember with the Virtual Boy by Nintendo.  It was SUPER basic and low power but it was stereoscopic 3D when the only other option to do that was in the pages of Popular Mechanics or happened to have access to some MIT or Silicon Valley lab. This amazing technology disappeared(not entirely but at least in popular culture) until recently when it was announced that it was finally time and that a kid out in California figured out that modern technology is ready for that. The Occulus Rift was born and I got to try a pre-DK1 unit at Quakecon 4 years ago. Let me expound on that experience for a moments to give some better context.

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Whole House Live Streaming On A Budget

2015-04-30 22_53_55-Live Stream System - draw.io

Let me preface this by saying this system is by no means perfect. You may need more or less depending on what you’re doing. Things like saving all your broadcasts locally will incur more of a cost in storage.

The goal is to stream 720p at 30FPS at a minimum. The system can then be upgraded from there to provide whatever additional power is necessary.

I decided, as a proof of concept that I wanted to see if I could make this work. My roommate throws a video game party called GamesAtSams every Saturday. I figured this would serve as a good test bed for such a system. We have one main TV with multiple consoles attached and then a PC lan party. So lets look at the tools at hand. Read the rest of this page »

How To Get Mario or Luigi Palico Costumes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS

Pelico in Mario Outfit

I ran across this while watching a live stream on Twitch and as I came to find out that it takes a fair bit of Googling just to find the instructions(this has improved apparently). I then posted this screen shot to Miiverse only to find out that even people on Nintendo’s own Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate community aren’t really even aware of it. I figured I should try to help float this information to the top.

Fire up your Nintendo 3DS to get the Mario or Luigi outfits for your Pelico! Here’s how you do it!

First go to your home cart.

Go talk to the Housekeeper on the right.

Select Downloadable Content.

Select confirm/continue on all of the prompts to get to the DLC menu.

Select Gift Area.

Select Item Packs.

And finally grab the Start Pack.

  • The Starter Pack contains:
  • Mega Potion x50
  • Honey x30
  • Mega Dash Juice x15
  • Well-done Steak x30
  • Max Potion x10
  • Lifepowder x20
  • Ancient Potion x5
  • Flash Bomb x30
  • Sonic Bomb x30
  • Pitfall Trap x15
  • Shock Trap x15
  • Super Mushroom x6

Now, go to the Market vendor or your item box and make sure you have 3 Large Barrels in your item box.

Go to “The Man” who is the Smithy and he’ll let you craft the Mario or Luigi gear and the Invincible Hammer. One thing to note is that each of the two items required to make the outfit require 3 super mushrooms so you have to pick if you want the Mario outfit or the Luigi outfit or some mix of the two but you can’t have both. Word on the street is that as more DLC gets released we’ll have opportunities to get more Super Mushrooms and be able to have our choice of both outfits.

Here’s to hoping they release Bowser as a monster via DLC. But not all cartoony. I want to see him as if he was a real Monster Hunter style monster and I want Bowser Armor as a result of his drops. That way my Palico can roll around as Mario while I roll around as Bowser. Get on that Capcom & Nintendo!


Access the New Nintendo 3DS’s SD Card Without Removing It

I don’t give much credit to Nintendo for a lot of things outside of making entertaining games. Frankly they’re terrible about keeping up with the modern state of gaming, by in large, and they’re especially bad at dealing with networking and the Internet. So it seems weird that I’m about to write about Nintendo doing something, arguably, right on just such a subject.

Many a games journalism website has seen fit to highlight the New 3DS’s microSD card slot and the fact that it’s kind of oddly locked away under a bottom cover that requires a tool to get in to. Knowing only this as I’m sure many people will might lead one to believe that this is just Nintendo up to their old tricks. And at first glance you’d be right. If you have a need to physically swap sd cards then perhaps you’re out of luck.3DS SD Card Share

Fortunately if you’re just looking to make a backup Nintendo got smart and tucked away a little trick that makes that microSD card accessible through a network share on your home network.

Under “Data Management” you will find an option for “microSD Management”. This wizard will walk you through creating a network name for your 3DS and a username and password and then connect you to your homes wifi network so you can access the storage on the card.

On your windows PC open a file explorer window and in the quick access icons in the left window pane scroll down to network and click the icon. You should see the name of your 3DS listed. Click on that to access it. If for some reason you don’t see your 3DS listed click on any blank space in the address bar on the file explorer window and type \\MY3DSNAME where MY3DSNAME is the name you picked for your 3DS. This should find and open your 3DS files for you.

Enjoy this tiny slice of Nintendo finally getting with the new(I use the word loosely) networked world. There isn’t much of it to be had.

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